Back in 1972, a group of individuals saw the need for a fire department to serve the Anderson Creek Community. State law requires that an organization be formed and charterd for the purpose of buying fire apparatus and providing fire protection.

Mr. Francis Barber got together with Mr. William Shaw, Mr. Guy Clayton, Mr. Thomas Wagstaff, Mr. Jack Stowers, Mr. Richard Colgate & Mr. Steven Griffin to form the original Board of Directors. On August 7, 1972 The Anderson Creek Volunteer Fire Department was chartered & incorporated. The first fire engine was a Ford that was housed in a barn near the current site of Holders Grocery on Ray Rd.

It was almost 2 years later before the first fire station was completed. It consisted of a 1 story brick building with 3 bays and a small office space. In 1977, the Board of Directors realized the need for Emergency Medical Services in the community. The Board of Directors amended the charter to include Emergency Medical Services along with vehicle extrication. The department was then re-named Anderson Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue, inc.

In the early 1980's, the department had out grown the station and an addition was constructed to the original station. The addition consisted of 4 more bays in front of the exisiting station, as well as a 2nd floor. The 2nd floor had office space, a day room and a class room.

In 1993, there was a concern that the department didn't have the equipment necessary to successfully complete all types of rescues. There are many different rescue specialties such as High Angle, Trench, Confined Space, etc. Based on this, and the fact that the department did not own a rescue truck, the board took the action to again change the name of the department to Anderson Creek Volunteer Fire and EMS, inc.

In 1999, the Board of Directors once again realized there was a change in order. New equipment, technology, training and experience enabled additional services to be offered by our department to the public we serve. To prevent the need to ammend the charter any further, the Board of Directors adopted our current name of Anderson Creek Emergency Services.

The department has changed and grown over these last 35 years. We started with a few volunteer members and one fire engine to roughly 50 active volunteer & paid members, 3 fire engines, 1 rescue truck, 1 brush truck, 1 administrative vehicle, 3 ambulances, and went through the 4 name changes; but the mission has always stayed the same - to serve the community. That service is evident in our Mission Statement;

It is the mission of Anderson Creek Emergency Services and it’s members to reduce the loss of life and/ or property due to the effects of fire, motor vehicle accidents and / or medical emergencies. The organization will be committed to recruiting and retaining both career and volunteer professionals who will continually strive to the highest standards of training to maintain compliance with the latest technologies and procedures to meet this goal. Furthermore, this organization is committed to the prevention of these emergencies as much as possible through continuous public education.